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A typical scene from Submarine: teenage protagonist Oliver (Craig Roberts) leans angstily against the school gates; voiceover narration states “In the biopic of my life I imagine a sweeping crane shot now, but if things don’t get better there’ll only … Continue reading

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The standout moment in Werner Herzog’s new film comes when an eccentric archaeologist is demonstrating how Palaeolithic people might have hunted, using a reconstructed model spear. After one throw, Herzog begins to ask him a question, but the man has … Continue reading

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Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’

Yesterday I paid a visit to the British Art Show at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank. Exhibited were a range of contemporary artworks, from drawing to sculpture to photography, variously entertaining and confusing – including Roger Hiorns’ plain ridiculous performance … Continue reading

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Norwegian Wood

I read Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood when I was about 17, during a ‘Japan phase’ which had been triggered by David Mitchell’s beguiling number9dream. Norwegian Wood is Murakami’s most successful novel; its themes of loss, repression, inexpression and, er, suicide lapped up by … Continue reading

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Old Films, Five Words #4: The Fly

Shame he can’t actually fly.

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Archipelago is a film about bored, boring posh people on an autumn holiday in the Scilly Isles, getting themselves into a tizz over nothing more than their own unimportant neuroses. As a précis it doesn’t sound particularly promising – but somehow Joanna … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom

A teenage boy and his sleeping mother sit motionless on a couch watching trash TV. Suddenly paramedics enter and attend to the woman – the boy stands up to let them through, but his eyes remain fixed on the screen. … Continue reading

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