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My ten favourite films of 2010

1. The Road – visually stunning, utterly believable evocation of a post-apocalyptic future and a haunting meditation on loss. Viggo Mortensen, I take my hat off to you. 2. Of Gods And Men – serious, relevant and moving, this left me … Continue reading

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This intriguing documentary concerns a young New York photographer who looks like Clint Dempsey and the online relationship he develops with a mysterious family on the other side of America. One sibling, a talented 8-year old girl, triggers the correspondence … Continue reading

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Monastic magnificence

Having seen Of Gods And Men a second time and had the opportunity to think about it, as opposed to sitting there completely overwhelmed, here are some good bits that contributed to it being such a fine film. Best read … Continue reading

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A bit of contemporary art

The other day I saw an exhibition called New Contemporaries, a showcase for the work of recent art school graduates, in the galleries at the ICA. My favourite thing was a ten-minute film mounted on a wall in one of the main … Continue reading

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Of Gods And Men

Xavier Beauvois’ Of Gods And Men, which won the Grand Prix prize at Cannes this year, is based on the true story of a community of monks in northern Africa, caught in the midst of a dangerous conflict between the country’s government and … Continue reading

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This debut feature from British effects-wizard Gareth Edwards has won praise from critics having been made on such a small budget whilst tackling a genre one would usually associate with much larger scale productions. The story goes that the director and his two main actors (a real-life … Continue reading

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